Arrowstrip, established 1985 is a leading supplier of four-sided galvanized steel located in Martins Ferry, Ohio. One of our primary objective is to produce a product you can depend on. We precision slit, galvanize, and oscillate steel in various widths and thicknesses. The finished product can also be ribbon wound. Arrowstrip also has a metallurgy lab, this allows us to adjust the galvanize coating to stay consistent with the customer specifications.  

Arrowstrip supplies galvanized steel strip to manufactures whose finished products include oil drilling/well cables, electrical cables, wiring, and conduit. 

Arrowstrip is focused on quality and delivery. We strive to provide the highest quality product within your delivery requirements. The high quality is partially attributed to the comprehensive steps our metallurgy lab takes before, during, and after the galvanizing process. It is also attributed to our experience and knowledge of the process. We have been providing numerous industries for decades with a product they can depend on, this we take pride in.   

A Global Supplier of Galvanized Steel

Arrowstrip, Inc.

100 South First St. Martins Ferry, Ohio